Coconut Cheesecake

Embark on a culinary journey with our delightful Coconut Cheesecake recipe. From crafting the perfect crust to achieving a creamy filling, this step-by-step guide ensures your creation is a heavenly masterpiece. Get ready to indulge in a symphony of flavors as you bake, cool, and set this enchanting dessert to perfection.

1. Setting the Stage: Preheating the Oven

Begin this culinary adventure by preheating your oven to 180C/350F, laying the foundation for the magic to unfold.

2. Crafting the Mesmerizing Crust

In a mixing bowl, combine 1 1/2 cups of graham cracker crumbs, 1/2 cup sugar, and 6 tablespoons of melted butter. Transform this blend into a cohesive, sandy mixture and press it into a 9-inch pie pan, creating a mesmerizing crust that sets the stage for your coconut cheesecake.

3. Creamy Center: Beating the Cream Cheese

In another mixing bowl, let 4 cups of softened cream cheese take center stage. Beat it for 3-4 minutes until it transforms into a smooth and creamy texture.

4. Fluffy Clouds: Adding Vanilla Extract and Sugar

Enhance the creaminess by adding 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract and 1 1/4 cups of sugar to the cream cheese. Beat until the mixture fluffs up like clouds in the sky, promising a delightful filling.

5. Graceful Harmony: Introducing Eggs

Introduce 4 large eggs, one at a time, letting each one combine gracefully with the cream cheese mixture, adding richness to your cheesecake.

6. Smooth Symphony: Milk and Sour Cream

Pour in 1 cup of unsweetened coconut milk and 1/4 cup of sour cream, blending everything together until you achieve a smooth and harmonious filling.

7. Completing the Magic: Filling and Baking

Pour the enchanting filling into the graham cracker crust, smoothing the top like waves gently caressing the shore. Bake this creation in the oven for approximately 90 minutes until the top takes on a lovely, golden hue.

8. Patient Perfection: Cooling and Refrigerating

Once your masterpiece emerges from the oven, let it cool completely before sending it on a journey to the refrigerator for at least 4 hours. This time allows the flavors to meld, and the cheesecake sets to perfection.

Coconut Cheesecake Ingredients Recap

Graham Crumbs1 1/2 cups (crushed)
Sugar1/2 cup
Butter6 tablespoons (melted)
Cream Cheese4 cups (softened)
Vanilla Extract1 tablespoon
Sugar1 1/4 cups
Eggs4 large
Milk1 cup (unsweetened coconut milk)
Sour Cream1/4 cup
Coconut Cream3/4 cup (canned)
Powdered Sugar3 tablespoons
Cream Cheese1/2 cup (softened)
Coconut Flakes1/2 cup (toasted)


Q: Can I use sweetened coconut milk instead of unsweetened? Absolutely! While the recipe suggests unsweetened coconut milk for a subtle taste, you can opt for sweetened if you prefer a sweeter flavor.

Q: How can I ensure a smooth cream cheese texture? Beating the cream cheese for 3-4 minutes is crucial. This ensures a smooth and creamy texture, creating the perfect base for your cheesecake.

Q: Can I substitute ingredients for dietary restrictions? Certainly! Explore alternative ingredients based on your dietary needs. For instance, consider using gluten-free graham crackers for a gluten-free version.

Q: Is it necessary to toast the coconut flakes for the frosting? Toasting adds a delightful flavor, but you can skip it if you prefer a milder coconut taste. Customize it to your preference!

Q: Can I freeze the coconut cheesecake for later consumption? Yes, you can! Once set in the refrigerator, wrap it tightly and freeze for up to a month. Thaw in the refrigerator before serving.

Q: Can I add fruit toppings to the coconut cheesecake? Absolutely! Get creative with fruit toppings like berries or mango for a burst of freshness.


Embark on the delightful journey of crafting a Coconut Cheesecake that promises a symphony of flavors. With a mesmerizing crust, creamy filling, and delightful frosting, this enchanting dessert is sure to captivate your taste buds. Follow our step-by-step guide, customize as you please, and indulge in the magic of homemade goodness.

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